IRIC - ECRU Co-Creation Workshop 1

IRIC-ECRU is intended to bring together and build a generation of researchers advancing new and relevant approaches in researcher development processes, research, dissemination, engagement and impact to accelerate the Uganda’s R&I agenda. As such, PhD students and ECRs are mobilised from across universities, empowered through the capacity building activities, engaged in joint research endeavors and facilitated to disseminate their research outputs for impact.

The co-creation workshops are part of the process of empowering the IRIC community members to gain skills for productive involvement in advancing the community’s agenda. The objectives of the workshops are therefore to:

  1. Enhance the community members’ intellectual and personal abilities to do research and make research products usable.
  2. They run for a week to provide sufficient time to the community members to network, bond and build ties for continual mutual support.
  3. Nurture teams for engagement in the development of empirical research projects as proposed in the sustainability plans for subsequent years of the IRIC community.


About Co-Creation Workshop 1

The first co-creation workshop will focus on professional development in academic writing and will be conducted on 8th-12th February 2021. The aim of the workshop is to empower PhD students and ECRs to leap forward on their writing assignments and in the process, accelerate the course of building the IRIC community. The workshop has the following specific objectives.

  1. To review academic writing approach, acquire new skills or ideas to enhance aspects of academic writing.
  2. To reflect on habits and effectiveness in academic writing and identified an action plan to build effective writing habits.
  3. To make substantial progress on a pending writing assignment.
  4. To discuss with other researchers from across institutions and disciplines about academic writing  through  a  facilitated  process  aiming  to  initiate  interactions  and  continued collaborations.

Find all workshop documents below:

Co-Creation Workshop Tool Kit 1 

Co-Creation Workshop Program 

Workshop Participants List 

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